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Easy Steps to get Free Quality Backlinks

Free Quality Backlinks

HowTiw! - Backlinks is always become a good topic to discuss for bloggers. Getting it for numbers is easy, but getting a Quality one is quite hard.

Some blogs on Google has already told how to get them easily from posting comments on Articles or putting our links on our profile in forums. But it could only get one or two backlinks, Which actually one website could contain tons of backlinks.

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A website built with an IP Adress and hosted in a Web Hosting. And in a hosting there could be hundreds of website that has the same CMS with the one you know has a comment form. So in here, we are going to look after those websites.

Check How:

1. Open Ping.eU

First thing you have to do is to find a website that allow you to comment and Giving a backlink. Let's just consider that you have already found that website and let's just say it is getparentinghelpnow.com

Ping it on ping.eu/ping to get it's IP adress.
After pinging the website, we know that the IP is Now let's go to the next step.

2. Head to Bing

Bing is one of the biggest search engine in the world after Google. So why do we use Bing instead of Google? Simple. Bing support IP Search and Google don't. That's it. Now head to bing and type this:

IP: Leave a Reply
it will show nothing. Since it is just an example, and try it with your own IP adress and you will find hundreds of website that provides you a comment form each. :) thanks for visiting!

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