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Which to Choose: MotherBoard or MainBoard


HowTiw - Motherboard, also known as a mainboard is a component that is primary to connect and manage, all major components such as for example CPU, difficult drive, movie card, memory, CD burner, and lots of part of pc/laptop component because it allows (Wikipedia)

Just how to choose a motherboard?

Choosing between Motherboard or Mainboard

It’s depends along with your spending plan, although less motherboards that are expensive nothing to envy to those who cost more, unless special characteristics of which, if desired, you are able to do perfectly without. But there are other factors to take into account on the best way to choose a motherboard like the format, the socket, chipset and other features. Let's better understand exactly what i am talking about.

The Structure

The absolute most important for a pc that is desktop the ATX (305 x 244 mm) and microATX (244 x 244 mm). It is the quantity of connections and assaults on the motherboard that, very often, determine its price as you care able to see from above, the main difference, along with the size. I recommend you choose the dimensions ATX because, usually, is the most "provided" should you not have area dilemmas,.

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The Socket

Once you have opted for how big the motherboard, we've to choose could be the type of socket (in a few words the type of assault) to be the same processor, so if we choose a processor with socket 1150 (the final of Intel) we are going to need to choose a motherboard that supports the same socket and, conversely if we choose a motherboard with socket FM2, we shall need certainly to buy to force a processor (in this case AMD) with socket FM2. The final on industry are the LGA1150 socket (computer "normal") while the LGA 2011-3 (for many who want maximum) Intel; while the PGA AM3 / AM3 + (for the FX series processors) and PGA FM2 / FM2 + (for others) regarding AMD.

The Chipset

Probably the most important part regarding the motherboard chipset is represented by whom has the duty of sorting and directing the movement of information passing between the Central Processing Unit, memory, hard drive, and other devices into the system. Really often, the buying price of the motherboard is also affected by the option of this chipset, as well as traits of the same, so we take notice to which to choose. Intel divides them into two main teams: those high-performance and ones that are mainstream. AMD, nonetheless, divides them into two groups.

The Features

Let us dwell on those faculties that often affect us more in the option associated with the motherboard, but that does not actually play a role that is fundamental. Usually the motherboard manufacturers, seeking to emphasize its model by filling it with names and special features of which, after all, you can certainly do without.

Todays, what a motherboard that is good have, will be the support for the latest criteria as the ultimate standard USB 3.0 (used to plug outside devices), the PCI Express 3.0 (used to connect video cards,  not only) and SATA 3.0 (used for connecting hard disks, SSD and / or recorders), quite a number of expansion slots (especially as regards the RAM but in addition the PCI and / or PCI Express), at minimum one network adapter 10/100 / 1000 integrated (LAN), an integrated sound card at least 6-channel (5.1) and, if desired, support for Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth, if you'd like it.

To conclude, among the best brands of motherboards are ASUS, ASRock, Foxconn, Gigabyte, Intel, MSI, VIA, but there are many others. The choice between one or the other is up to you, but roughly, have the price that is exact same equivalent features.At this aspect you should have no further issues on how to choose a motherboard but, for almost any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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