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How to Turn off Facebook auto Play Video

How to turn off Facebook Auto Play

Turning off facebook Auto Play

HowTiw! - Facebook is the biggest Social Media ever made on earth. After signing up and creating a profile, you will be able to do a communication world wide. That's how cool facebook are. Since made at 2004, Facebook has updated a lot of features to satisfie their users.

One of the updates these days is Facebook Video that gets upgraded on features and also design. What is good froom this feature is you can watch Anime, News, Funny Footage, etc.

But the bad side is, Mark Zuckeberg seems like forgot that not everyone that use facebook has an unlimited Internet Data.

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Here's the problem: Everytime we open our facebook homepage, then all videos that are shown in Homepage will gets loaded even if we don't click play. For those who uses Unlimited data it will be fine, but those who have a limited one, it will be a serious problem since one video can be 10 Minutes length and there could be 6-7 videos in your Homepage.

Here's the solution to turn off this feature:

1. Head to Facebook Settings 

Facebook Settings Page
Hit that Marked Button
2. Click "Videos"

Facebook Video Page Settings

After the videos settings tab are shown, then you will see settings to change Video Quality and also Auto Play setting. Then just simply turn the setting to OFF. Then go back to your Facebook Homepage. Done!

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