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How Hill sprinting can Improve Your Golf Game

Improving Your Golf Game

Watching Tiger Woods this past week (pre knee surgery)reminded me that golf season is about to begin for many individuals on the market.

 It is now time of that I often get questions about how to best train to enhance your golf game year. Concerns like this one:

     "Sorry if this might be a question that is stupid but my goal is to ask it anyway. I am a 45 12 months male that is old and We reside in the Northeast. I am currently information that is amassing me to devise my off season fitness program for the glorious sport of...(please sit down before continuing)...GOLF!

 Currently, my winter program is going to be extremely eclectic, with a mix of weights, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, stretching/yoga/pilates, and, up till now running.

 Enough question is this... will hill help that is sprinting my golf game? Intuitively, I would say something that burns (the blubber) off my body is going to be useful to all aspects of my life and game, and further, the strength integrated my leg muscles through your program must help as well, but I want to hear what you think.

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 I am hoping I haven't wasted too much of energy, and again, if this is a question that is stupid feel free to state so.



 No question is stupid Brian. I'd to do a bit of research to fit hill sprint training with golf although We admit. Right here goes.

 Yes, hill sprints will help your golf game - and right here's 7 ways they will do it:

 1. Dynamic and stretches that are static on the hill increases your flexibility. This can lead to longer backswings which will generate more club head rate - in other terms, you'll hit the ball farther and straighter.

 2. Hill sprints will strengthen your abs - this will help prevent lower back injuries which are common in tennis.

 3. Hill sprints will strengthen your upper quads which can enhance your balance during your move.

 4. Hill sprints will strengthen your hips - more rate and power in your swing.

 5. Hill sprints will strengthen the muscle tissue in your lower legs... essential for push-off power in the swing that is down.

 6. Sprinting up hills will strengthen your trunk and core. These muscles are essential for the motion that is twisting of tennis swing.

 7. Hill sprints increase your stamina and endurance. Many golfers see a decline that is major hole 13 due to a lack of stamina. Better stamina will improve your consistency on that back 9. Increased stamina will also help you stay consistent in your putting - fatigue can result in the loss of basics.

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 Hey, I found much more links between hill sprinting and tennis that exercising using the right types of exercises will move to very nearly any task that you want to enhance in than I initially thought of... again, would go to explain to you.

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